About Marek Hejduk - Calgary Council Candidate for Ward 7
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About Marek Hejduk

Marek Hejduk

Marek Hejduk was born in Vancouver and came to Calgary after finishing work with his tech startup in 2000. One of the things he loved about Calgary that was lacking in Vancouver was the sense of big city small town. He fell in love with the mountain air blowing over the prairie in a great contemporary city.

Marek has a two degrees, General Studies in Liberal Arts and Computer Science as well as Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a focus in Religious Studies. A student of life, he has multiple certificates in a variety of subjects ranging from IFIC (Investment Funds Institute of Canada) licensing, AIC (Alberta Insurance Council) licensing, PROSCI Change Management certification, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Oilfield Safety Training, Novell Network Certificate, Microsoft Network Certification, Teaching Adults Certificate. These have been applied as a contractor to various industries ranging from construction to oil field services to IT implementation to operations management.

Meeting people in all walks of life and being accustomed to being hired as a problem solver Marek has applied his talents in the nonprofit and charitable services as a volunteer educator, speaker, operations manager, business mentor and friend.

Marek’s work with Lilac Festival as Site Manager, CCIS as guest speaker and financial educator, and most recently with Parkdale Community Association as Community Engagement Planner pushed him to using his skill set where the community felt he would be able to help communities in Calgary engage better with city leadership. Calgarians felt that Marek could bring accountability and common sense back into politics instead of the media fueled circus Ward 7 has become.


Seranda Swagar

Campaign Manager

Daniel Tomilson

Campaign Writer / Policy Exploration / Facts Checker

Jill Maria Robinson

Media Relations