Campaign - Vote Marek Hejduk - Ward 7 Council
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Promise One

A higher level of community engagement and City Council accountability. Leverage the profile of community associations profile to provide a three way dialogue among city planners, developers and community. Engage the community through open microphone nights that enable concerned citizens to voice their concerns to both City of Calgary officials and developers staff. Make the 311 dashboard public where citizens can track their own complaints online and escalate accordingly.

Promise Two

Our current Ward 7 counciler has voted for 15 out of 16 years to raise taxes. Much like you, I’m tired of constantly watching my taxes go up and City of Calgary spending rise higher than tax increases. It’s time to re-evaluate services or at the very least freeze service levels so Calgarians can gain relief from the tax treadmill we’ve been on for 16 years.

Promise Three

Re-examine the fluoride debate. The status quo was disrupted when the City of Calgary removed fluoride from the water supply. An entire generation of people benefitted from water fluoridation and now we have put our most vulnerable; our children, our seniors, Native Canadians and New Canadians at high risk for increased costs associated with dental problems from a lack of fluoride. Many Calgarians cannot afford dental care with the recession affecting all of us, it’s time to open the debate regarding fluoride treatment back up.

Promise Four

Examine the issue of secondary suites putting to rest the seemingly endless debate regarding suites in the city. It’s time to find solutions to frustrated landlords and tenants who have spent the latter part of a decade in running illegal secondary suites, those same suites unregulated have resulted in subpar living conditions that have resulted in the loss of life.